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Have you been subject to harm by a medical professional? Think you could be entitled to claim compensation? Well, you’re in the right place are a team of ‘no win no fee’ medical negligence solicitors based in and serving the residents of London.

And people choose us because of our excellent track record for securing large financial claims, fast and informative way of working and “leave it to us” approach.

After actually being subject to the harm, the last thing you want to do is fight your own case or be very involved with the case. Leave it to us and we’ll make sure you get the money you deserve for the pain and suffering you’ve been through.

Our bias is towards trying to receive the maximum payout possible. This isn’t because we’re mercenary. On the contrary, we believe that the payouts don’t ever make up for the damages caused to our health.

After all, our health is irreplaceable. So, we always go for the maximum claim we think we can possibly get to at least try and soften the blow for the harm you’ve received.

The Team

We’re a team of twelve astute, savvy solicitors that work in the medical negligence claims space every single day of the week. This is our primary focus.

Although we know other areas of law from our education and various members of the team joining from other law firms – we only work with medical negligence claims.

This gives us the benefit of knowing overlapping areas of law yet being able to focus on one sector gives us leading knowledge and experience on the topic. It’s hard to imagine how solicitors not specialising in clinical negligence claims could compete with our services as we are working with these legislations and cases all year round.

The contacts we have built-up within the industry are invaluable to our firm and allow us to put together extremely effective cases to win an overwhelming majority of cases we pursue for our clients.

Our London medical negligence service is no win no fee

This means our services cost you nothing upfront. How you ask? We earn our money in winning cases for you. If your case is won, the medical professional in question will pay for your legal fees and we will take a percentage of the compensation you get.

So, if you have any sort of harm inflicted on you, you can get the help of a 12 man medical negligence solicitor team based in London… at no cost at all! If that’s not reason enough to see if you’re entitled to a claim, we don’t know what is.

This also means we’re in partnership with you and our derogative is trying to get as much compensation as possible for the pain and suffering incurred.

If we somehow don’t win a case we pursue for you, you won’t be liable for any payment and will lose nothing.

So, with medical negligence claims with us (and many other medical negligence claims companies in the UK), you can’t lose making a claim. Even if you win, your payout to us will be covered by the money you win anyway as we take a percentage rather than a fixed fee.

Another benefit is that you’ll barely have to think about the case once we’ve taken over. Sure, we’ll need medical records and other information in order to build the course, but we largely take care of everything for you.

Many potential clients don’t approach us or said they almost didn’t approach us because they thought of the hassle. We take the hassle away for you.

Some people even think they might have show up to court. This simply isn’t the case for probably 95%+ cases. It is extremely rare that we’ll need you to appear in court.

We’ll only borrow your or ask for things from you if they’re imperative in moving the case forward. However, we can do most of this ourselves due to dealing with thousands of cases over the years.

The process

This is how a typical clinical negligence claims case looks like with us.

Get in touch

We’ll have an initial discussion either in our office in London, over the phone or at a place we can meet.

One of our solicitors will look at your case and decide whether what you have is worth pursuing.

We only go for cases that we are confident in getting compensation for you. This isn’t to say that we turn down a lot of claims, we go for quite a lot that get presented to us. We simply don’t want to waste ours or anyone else’s time in making claims where compensation will never be earned.

Our experience has made us shrewd in knowing which cases to pursue and how to pursue them for maximum effect.

No win no fee

Most of our claims work through no win no fee, meaning you can’t lose money when you come to us. We consider other ways of working but mostly we work on a no win no fee basis as this suits most clients that approach us.

Begin the case

If we think you have grounds to make a claim for your pain and suffering, we will begin the case.

Gathering data

Our medical negligence solicitors will start gathering all the necessary data required to create a proven and accurate case.

The experience we bring to each claim sets us apart at this stage. We know what to look for and how to distinguish what is and isn’t going to pass as negligence.

You will not need to pay any fees at this point either.

Another thing to do at this stage is gather evidence from independent medical experts. Not everyone has access to the professional we know in the industry and London.

Fighting the case

After we have gathered sufficient information to prove your claim, we will submit it to the relevant medical professionals. We will wait to here back from the medical professional and negotiations will begin soon after.

Depending on the opposing side’s response, they will either settle on a fee or take the claim to trial. In court, the judge will weigh up both sides ad give their final verdict on the amount of compensation that should be paid out.


It’s what you’re here for, so lets dive a bit deeper into the subject of compensation.

How much compensation could I claim for?

This is the question our clients always want answering. While it’s hard to give exact predictions, we can certainly roughly predict what each type of harm could potentially payout for them.

The maximum amount of compensation you can expect to win is in the hundreds of thousands. Each case is taken individually. We’ve earned our clients high six figure payouts, but these were for damages you would never want for any amount of money; death.

Life changing physical damages like loss of limbs (sometimes both limbs) also pay into the six figure region.

Brain damage and cognitively life changing damages also pay into the multiple six figure range.

As already mentioned, we feel that the monetary payout generally accepted within the country is too low for the kinds of damages that can be caused, so we always go for the absolute maximum that we can.

On the other end of the scale you have small damages, like tissue damage. The smaller payouts generally start in the low thousands but you can still get into the five figure range for seemingly small damages caused.

Two key factors within compensation

Ultimately, the amount of compensation is going to depend on two key factors. Firstly is the harm inflicted by the medical professional. Your pain and suffering is weighed up and tried to assign a monetary value. This is twofold as your recovery period is also considered. If you have been inflicted lasting harm then you will be entitled to more than someone that will be healed within a couple of months.

The other is the damages that the medical negligence caused you as a result of the harm. For example, you might have been incorrectly operated on and now have a broken limb. If this keeps you off work for 3 months, you would be compensated for the income you lost during this time.

How long will it take to win medical negligence compensation?

This usually depends on a few things: the severity of the case, the complexity of the case and the evidence we have in making our case.

The more severe and life changing the case is, the more work is normally required as we will naturally be going for a larger amount of compensation. We have to build up a larger case and the opposing solicitors will likely want to do the same if they are to mount a defence. 

Naturally, if a case is more complex by nature in obtaining proof, it will take longer to conclude and get you out compensation.

Sometimes the medical profession solicitors drag their heels when wanting to answer to our claim. Most medical professionals can take up to 3 months mounting a defence to our claim, so it might take us 3 months to get to this stage.

Small damages with little to no long term repercussions can usually be solved and compensated for a lot quicker.

The hope for a fast claim is that the medical professionals just accept their medical negligence and are happy to settle for our proposed compensation total. 


A question we’re commonly asked is: what can I actually claim for? As described, the claim is usually for two types of damages. Firstly for actual harm caused to you. The second for harm as a result of the harm. For example, missing work and losing out on income due to the medical negligence.

Let’s look at some common examples of medical negligence we’re often dealing with.

Childbirth negligence

Childbirth is a pressured situation. Midwives and doctors alike can make critical errors that could have lead to damage to you or your child.

NHS negligence

If your damages have occurred as a result of the NHS (this is common), the NHS will be liable for your damages.

Dental negligence

Suffered damage to your teeth or mouth in general? We cover dental negligence claims.

Surgical errors

All sorts of errors can occur when you’re under surgery. If we can prove that your medical professional was acting in a negligent manner when harm was caused, we can get compensation.


If you were misdiagnosed or failed to be diagnosed and this caused you harm, you might be able to claim medical compensation.

Wrongly prescribed

Were you prescribed the wrong medication or treatment? Harm as a result of this negligence could lead to a successful claim.

This list is by no means conclusive. It is simply a quick guide to show you some of the clinical negligence cases we’re working with on a day to day basis. If you have not seen your negligence case within these examples, don’t fret. If you’ve suffered damage, there’s a good chance you are due compensation… there would simply be too many examples to list here to cover everyone’s harm they have received.


Being based in the heart of London is a privilege because we feel we’re in the most prime location to help people all over London.

We know other solicitors in and around the country in places like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and even out of the country in Cardiff. They’re kept relatively busy but we always seem to have more people to help and more medical claims to make.

Ultimately, we don’t want to ‘take’ from anyone or wrong-do anyone, we simply want to be busy as it means we’re helping people like you get the compensation you deserve. If anything, we feel like we try to go overboard in securing the largest financial amount possible. Sure, this benefits us too, but it’s mostly because we think even the highest payouts don’t cover the damages involved.

There really is no monetary reward that will suffice when an actual person dies, so we suppose the money will never be enough. However, the financial claim you can be rewarded at least softens the blow. We want to make the ‘blow’ as soft as possible with the highest possible reward we can claim for you.

It helps us and we certainly know it helps you after dealing with so many cases and having so many medical negligence payout examples.

Being based in London, as we assume you are too, we have plenty of examples of medical negligence claims cases happening in this city. Some people even hire us from other cities like Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester because they know how good our reviews are. Usually, the closer you are to London the better, but if you would like to travel to us or we could meet somewhere, we’re happy to deal with clients outside of London too.

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