Medical Claims Form

A lot of claims that pass through our office don’t actually make it to the ‘medical claims form’ stage. This would be where we actually send a medical claim to court and think we have a serious case of harm through negligence. The claim for medical negligent harm is in process and from here it’s a waiting game to see what the other party’s solicitors say.

This is the form:, also known as an N1 form. Once this form has been submitted, the court produces a notice of issue which gives the claim a number which will always be associated with the claim.

Most don’t get this far because their medical professional caused them harm but it wasn’t through negligence, or negligence couldn’t be proven, or their damages weren’t sufficient enough to get any sort of compensation.

So, if you’re at the medical claims stage, it’s because we think you are likely to be compensated through the medical negligence claims process – as we think you have grounds to claim due to provable medical negligence. Proving it is always tricky and we’ve become masters within the medical negligence claims field in proving cases that are true… to be true!

We call in neutral medical experts to examine our cases and really build it up until we’re confident of winning the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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