Why No Win No Cost & What Can I Actually Claim For?

Have you suffered your first ever serving of harm or damage in a medical setting? We are sorry to hear that.

We suppose that most people will not little to nothing on the topic and will have to do a lot of reading to find out more about what they are getting themselves into.

This is a good bench mark article to use if you know nothing on the topic and want to know the following:

– What is no win no cost and how does it work?

– Why part of our payment is through you winning your case

– Which medical claims out there exist and what you can claim for

– What are you actually claiming for when making a claim?

The likelihood is that if you suffered harm somewhere in the medical world – you could be owed compensation.

Fortunately, your local medical negligence solicitors in London are on hand to help you make a successful, winning claim for what you might deserve.

This could be as a result of as specific person or a company’s doing.

Generally speaking the claim will have to be ‘negligent’ harm.

People are harmed within the medical world in a controlled way but it is specifically when negligence has occurred that people can be sued.

We will go into these details further below.

Anyway, if you think you have a claim, we would recommend getting in touch with us or another company.

So many people allow themselves to be harmed and do not come forward to get what is theirs.

Obviously the medical company is not going to recommend that you sue them so you have to try and decide whether you think something has happened negligently to you. All this takes is a little bit of online research, or perhaps asking a knowledgeable friend or just giving us a call.

We will quickly be able to deduce whether your situation has come from a place of negligence or it could be an incident not worth pursuing.

Do not just let your damages be swept under the rug as you could really benefit after suffering these damages.

The best part for our clients is that they are never out of pocket when they come to us for our services.

We do not charge an upfront fee, which means you cannot lose money when making a claim through our company.

The way we benefit through the process is if we actually win you money. If we win your case, we will win a percentage of your compensation.

The actual percentage will be agreed before the case starts so you are always clear on the amount that you will win and that we will win.

Our lawyering fees are also generally taken care of by the losing side so we totally mean it when we say this is a ‘no win no cost’ service.

This was not always the case though.

Before 2013 there was a rule stating that the person at lost would get 100% of any compensation claim.

The law has since changed and now lawyers are able to get a percentage of your winnings.

Although this sounds terrible for you, the claimer, it is not. Now lawyers have more of an incentive to ensure you absolutely win your case. Winning a case and getting something is better than losing a shot at getting more money. Nothing of ‘a shot at more’ is still nothing.

Most people are going to have this situation arise once in their life if that and so you want to win when the time arrives.

The only way that you can retain 100% of your compensation claim is if you arranged prior legal insurance before the negligent harm was caused. The insurers will cover your legal fees and ensure that you get 100% of your compensation claim.

What is negligence?

Negligence means to act in a way that breaches a duty of care.

This could get very specific but we will simply illustrate this with: a surgeon has a duty of care to carry out the required procedure and not harm you in the process. Lines can get murky where actions were negligent and non-negligent.

However, if you were having an operation for a broken bone and your leg is somehow amputated – clearly the surgeon would have acted negligently.

Common types of negligence claims

Within the medical world these are the common types of negligence claims.

Medical. Much like the surgeon example above, a medical claim will happen in a medical setting, usually as caused by a medical professional. The medical professional will have acted negligently towards you whereby they breach their duty of care. A GP might misdiagnose you leading to massive harm. There are countless examples.

Care. As a carer, you have specific duties of care for the people you are caring for. For example, if you were caring for an elderly and vulnerable person and a duty was to feed them, if you let them starve you would have acted negligently. You had a role, a job and a duty to feed this person and you disregarded this duty and therefore acted negligently.

Dental. Much like the medical example a dental negligence claim can be made when a dental professional has a duty of care to uphold for you and they breach it and you suffer as a result.

What am I actually claiming for?

Damages. General damages can be claimed for. This category is often open to interpretation. Damages can include things like physical items that get damaged as well as damages to one’s self. These can be physical, mental and emotional damages.

Care. Care claims can be made if you require durations of care after suffering the damage as a result of the this party.

Travel fees. The money you spend travelling around as a result of the damage suffered can be claimed back for. This could be for the initial taxi to A&E right the way through to your last taxi to the solicitors before the case is resolved as well as expected travel expenses also as a result of the damages following the case closure.

Loss of money. If you have lost money as a result of the damages then you can claim compensation for this. This could be money that was taken directly out of your hands as well as loss of income. If you can’t work for the next 6 months now because of the damage caused – you can claim for all of this and more.

For more details on the stats of negligence cases, check out this article about how 1 in 5 Londoners are affected by negligent treatment. Over 2,000 people were used to create the survey. By affected they mean either they know someone affected or were actually in a case themselves. A mere 15% of people actually replied to the survey but the results are pretty crazy. This just adds fuel to the fire for the argument that there is a good chance you could have a claim. So many people are happy to assume that they won’t win a claim or there is no need to make one. Why not? You really might have a case just as shown by these statistics. Negligence cases are appearing everywhere everyday. Get in touch if you need help!



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