Why Our Service Costs Nothing

You see the same message everywhere when it comes to the personal injury, suing and claims world. “Use our company – it will not cost you a penny!” This is a true statement on the whole.

A charge is created if the case is won but if not, you never have to pay a penny to us or any other lawyers.

But why are so many lawyers in the space offering their services at no upfront fee? Virtually every other service out there will ask you for a fee upfront but for claims the lawyers ask for nothing.

If you call a roofer to install a roof on your home, they will charge you. If you call an architect for his advice, he will charge you. The list would go on forever in terms of services that will charge you for their time and expertise.

If you know nothing about this space and are intrigued, keep reading. We are your trusted medical negligence solicitors from London writing monthly to keep you informed about the topic of claiming.

Lawyers are extremely expensive

Anyone that has ever had to pay for a lawyer knows that they are not cheap by any means.

With most of the country barely having any money – affording a lawyer to fight a case would send them into massive debts. The hourly fee of most lawyers is going to quickly wipeout most people’s funds really quickly.

However, it’s these people that are having damages caused to them every single day throughout the country.

So if it is people that cannot afford a lawyer’s services that are having damages committed against them, how would they ever get justice?

If you are reading this and don’t have tens of thousands in the bank (and maybe more would be needed) you would not be able to pay for a lawyer, put together a case and win compensation.

Ultimately, we as medical lawyers know that we need different price points to work as a successful business.

An upfront price point of £0 is completely viable given we can be paid when we win your case. This means you never have to give us money (or borrowed money) to win a case through our lawyering work.

Some clients are happy to pay for our time upfront instead of going for the no upfront cost route and that is fine by us too.

We simply understand that not everyone can afford our services (as do most other lawyering companies) and therefore offer this no cost upfront option.

Young people

Young people are being violated/harmed every single day in the medical world.

These people being violated have the right to compensation but how can they pay for a lawyer if they are in school?

Unless said children has rich parents – the answer to the question is that they cannot pay for a lawyer’s time.

Not only young people fit this kind of mould. You also have the weak, the elderly and disabled.

Basically anyone that is at a disadvantage that is not their fault and therefore cannot afford a lawyer.

Should these people just have to live with the damages sustained because they are not in the position to earn money like other people? We would say “no, absolutely not”.

Helping the young, disabled and elderly to win compensation through our service at no upfront cost to them sounds like justice to us. If we do well enough to win then

The harm has taken your money

What if the harm or injury you have sustained has meant you can no longer create income?

How would you ever be able to afford a lawyer?

It would be tough.

If this is you there is no way you would be able to afford a lawyer unless you have a lot of money saved up. Even then, you would need those savings to live from given that you do not have an income.

The lawyer can still make money

We have not written this to make you feel bad for lawyers and that we offer the most honourable and noble service out there.

ure, it is certainly needed and the world would be lost without people upholding the law. However, there is money in it for us lawyers to win your case.

The damages our clients sustain usually start in the low thousands and can get into the millions.

Accordingly, if we win a clients’ case that pays the client £50,000 in compensation, we will win a percentage of that too.

The percentage will be agreed with the client before the case so that everyone is happy to proceed.

This is not our way of being dishonest but to allow you to get a shot at compensation without knowing you’ll be forking out tens of thousands even if you do not win. With these large figures that can be won there is definitely enough money out there for us to make back the hours we invest into your case.

To conclude, the reason we can offer our service for no upfront fee is because most people cannot afford a lawyer.

Offering a no fee service allows us to help as many people as possible like the disabled, children and the elderly. On top of that, there is still enough money there for us to profit as a business while our clients also profit. Everyone wins!

If you have had a medical accident/damage/harm negligently inflicted on you, please get in touch and we will be able to see if your case is worth pursuing at absolutely no cost to you! Remember, you can also claim for virtually any kinds of damages within the medical world. The supreme court finds hospital negligent over misleading waiting time – which seems like something you would not be able to claim for. Virtually anything within the medical world that causes you any sort of can be claimed for. Waiting time is a prime example of this. Another thing to take away from this case was that it happened in 2010. So, cases can be revisited in some instances.

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