Medical Negligence Claim Process

Our medical negligence claims process is really simple. Our main ethos is that we want to take care of as much as possible for you. We’re the experts in the field and you have your life to live.

Law in general is not simple and trying to prove negligence can be extremely complex in itself. As a result, we take all the work off your shoulders and put together the most sound case and claim we possibly can.

Our medical negligence claim process

Firstly, just get in touch. Our no win no fee approach means we’ll never cost you any money, ever. The only money you will pay us will be a percentage of the compensation we win for you. The other party will cover your legal fees if we win and if you lose, you still aren’t liable to pay anyone.

Call us and we can start to take the steps to see if you’d be eligible for a financial reward – it won’t cost you a penny.

Discuss terms

Before we mount a trial, we’ll discuss with you in normal terms what our deal is upon winning the agreement. We’re partners in this deal and sit down together to make something work for both of us.

Gathering evidence

If we think you have grounds for a claim, we’ll begin to gather evidence to prove your case and successfully win the compensation. If we can’t gather the evidence to prove the medical professional acted in a negligent way, then we can’t win you the money.

This is one of the times we’ll need your help to give us all records and accounts of your experience with the medical professional so we can use it within the case.

We’ll also be paying for documents of records to mount the case. As well as this, we know medical professionals that are neutral and can act as experts to assess our case.

Make the claim

After we’ve gathered sufficient evidence to mount a case, we’ll present our claim.


Depending on how the other side take our claim, we might have to negotiate a fee at this stage if they accept negligence and therefore are guilty of causing negligent harm.


If the legal team on the medical professional’s side want to dispute the claim, our accomplished and professional medical negligence solicitors could represent you in court. Don’t fret though, 95% of the time we don’t need our clients to appear in court and we’re completely used to it now. 

A judge will look at both sides of the argument and decide on a conclusion. They can decide to award a compensation or they could decide to remove everything.


At this stage, whether the other side settled before court or the judge settled the compensation amount, any amount of compensation won in the case will be awarded to you for medical negligence.

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