Medical Negligence Claims Time Limit

Typically, you will have 3 years to make your claim after the event of receiving harm so that it is still valid.

Another stipulation is if you found out about your harm after your dealings with the medical professional. If you start to see signs of harm or you were misdiagnosed since 3 years have passed, you can still claim as the damage has a only just been discovered.

Always just try and make us aware of the harm you have received as soon as possible. The faster you let us know, the less likely it is that your elapsed time to make a successful claim will run out. See our other pages for more information about the medical claim form and the medical claims process as a whole. 

Also, if you receive harm and don’t decide to come forward about it for a long time, it could be perceived that your harm isn’t severe. Don’t let it be interpreted this way!


Children from any age all have the same claim time limits. The way it works is: no matter the age of a child that has suffered to clinical negligence, they have 3 years from their 18th birthday to come forward with their claim.

This gives children ample time to be able to make a sound decision as an adult if they want to claim or leave their claim alone.

Mentally incapable clients

If the person subject to medical negligence does not have mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, there is no time limit on when they or their guardian can make a medical claim.


Family members that wish to deal with the negligence claim have 3 years from the time of the death.

As ever, call our team of skilled medical negligence solicitors based in London if you want a top team with an excellent record in negligence cases. We win compensation and we always go for the maximum to try and get a sliver of justice for you and or your family.

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