NHS Medical Negligence Claim

As you might expect, the NHS are involved in lots of medical negligence claims. They provide the majority of the healthcare in this country and therefore, cause more accidents in the health sector than any other conglomerate.

Negligence is to be expected due to the size of the NHS. We’re lucky to have a national health service that doesn’t charge us massive amounts per visit like other countries’ health services.

We’re working on NHS related negligence claims almost every day of the week because of the sheer quantity of procedures they’re working on every single day. This translates to a lot of negligence claims for us.

How does suing the NHS work?

As with any medical negligence case, the first and most difficult thing to do to see if you have a case is to decide if the harm caused to you was through negligence.

All you would have to do is call us and tell is more about your situation, the harm inflicted and we can see if you would be a candidate to win compensation.

We take care of seeing if you can claim compensation from the NHS for medical negligence. You will probably be dealing with the harm caused so you can leave the claim to a team of professionals that work purely in this sector every single day. We have thousands of claims under our belt between our skilled team of solicitors.

Is there a timescale to sue the NHS?

All claims must be made within 3 years of being harmed. Any claims made after this point will be void.

If your claim is for misdiagnosis and you only found out about the harm caused to you, you have 3 years from the time you found out about the harm that could occur.

Is it ethical to sue the NHS or claim against the NHS for medical negligence?

In short, we would advise not to feel bad claiming against the NHS. If you have been harmed due to lack of care, an accident, whatever it is, you deserve monetary gain if you have been inflicted unnecessary pain and suffering. Our team of London medical negligence lawyers and solicitors want you to compensate for any suffering. We might be able to win hundreds of thousands of pounds for you but it still might not cover the irreplaceable damage that has been wrongly caused. This is why we’ll go for the maximum – you still might not feel it was ever enough (even if we got the most possible). In short, We all love the NHS and understand it is the leading medical institution in the world – but everyone makes mistakes. It would be unethical for you to not be rewarded in some way for the damage you have sustained.

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