No Win No Fee Claims

Our team of solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis – this means making a claim costs you £0.

There’s no trickery involved here. Medical negligence cases are being mounted every single day. The every day person can’t afford private lawyer fees so we, like most of the industry, work on a No Win No Fee basis.

This means you can get the support from our team of solicitors at no cost at all.

… But how are you, the solicitor, paid?

The way we are paid is if we mount a winning case for you. The other team of solicitors will pay for your legal fees (our work) and we will take a percentage of the successful claim. If the claim is unsuccessful, you still do not owe any payment to us.

As a result, we are your partners in this situation. We want you to get the maximum reward for the harm you’ve suffered.

Our team

Our team of medical solicitors based in London are all very approachable, professional and understanding of what your’e going through. With over 75 years experience dealing with clinical negligence between the team, we’ve experienced a lot in this industry.

One thing we have worked hard on is winning cases. That’s the reason people contact us and that’s why you’re on this page. People want to win cases, especially if they absolutely have been harmed due to medical negligence.

At this stage, we rarely lose cases we’re involved in. This would cost us money and no one else so it’s up to us to use all our knowledge, experience and contacts to make any claim we pursue for you a success.

And how does No Win No Fee work exactly?

We cover your expenses for the hours we put into your case. If your case is successful, the opposing side will pay for your legal fees and the compensation. At this stage, you will pay us a ‘success fee’ as agreed before beginning the claim.

What’s included within my deal with you, the solicitors?

Before we mount any case, we sit down with you and discuss a suitable agreement between us so that everyone knows what they’re getting should the case be successful. We won’t fill the agreement with jargon. We want you to understand the agreement and for it to be beneficial for both of us.

Mostly the agreement will discuss terms like the cost of our services (that will only be payable by the other side and not you), the winning fee will also be discussed within the agreement.

The definition of a win in your case. This it dependent on the type of claim we’re making, but we can show you what we’ve done in the past for similar cases to yours so you can make sense of why we are proposing what we propose.

Can I end my claim prematurely?

In the unlikely event you want to end the compensation claim, almost no one does as the claim is at no cost to them, you may be liable for some payments for our services.

Medical negligence lawyers working no win no fee