Reviews And Ratings Of Medical Negligence Solicitors In The UK

Picking a highly acclaimed medical negligence solicitor in your area is going to increase your chances of winning compensation. The better the solicitor’s reviews, the more likely they are to win your case.

If you’re anywhere in London, we wholeheartedly recommend our service over anyone else’s. We know there are plenty of other solicitors doing a good job in the medical negligence space as well as us.

However, our 12 person team dedicated simply to medical negligence cases and similar areas of law are extremely knowledgeable on the topic. Being extremely knowledgeable, connected and experienced in a field of law like medical negligence pays dividends as we are successful in so many cases we undertake.

This goes for any area of London. We’re centrally based so we’re easy to get to and are happy to meet clients out of the office if it is more suitable to you. Go to our homepage for more details on our medical negligence solicitors service in London. Or just get in contact if you want to speak to a helpful advisor on your next moves with your claim. Our number can be found at the top of the page.

Other Well Reviewed Medical Negligence Solicitors In The UK

Aspen Morris

Aspen Morris are slightly different to us in that they’re concerned with multiple disciplines of law rather than just medical negligence claims. Their solicitors cover areas of law like property law, commercial law, divorce law, family law and so on.

They feature on with around 200 five star reviews and positive overall comments as well as being listed in Legal500, which is very reputable in the law world.

We don’t have any dealings with Aspen Morris but their reviews certainly display them as a company worth contacting if you would like an alternative to us.

Roberts Jackson Ltd

Roberts Jackson are similar to us in that they primarily deal with medical negligence claims and not the other aspects of law. Roberts Jackson would be a great choice for solicitors if you’re up in Cheshire, where they’re based.

Solicitor.Info, the website that your clients can leave reviews on, gives Roberts Jackson 5/5 star reviews from 81 in total. All the reviews look extremely positive and it seems they have a good track record of winning cases they enter.

EAD LLIP Solicitors

EAD are a good option for anyone up in Liverpool. That’s where they’re based. They are primarily interested in the following areas of law: property, commercial, will and probate, employment and of course, medical negligence law.

They have 100 reviews at at 5 star.

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