Medical Negligence Payouts

Let’s have a look at some well known medical negligence cases and the payouts involved. Of course, we are never happy about the damage inflicted to people. We are, however, happy about being able to win our clients money to try and reduce the damages inflicted.

If you’ve been subject to any type of harm (even if not as extreme as the examples below), there’s a good chance you could be considered for a medical negligence case. We are a no win no fee team of solicitors that deal with all sizes of medical negligence cases. This means you can get in touch today without incurring any cost upfront.

How much can I win from a medical negligence payout?

As you might expect, this is going to depend on many factors and no two cases are the exact same.

The two main factors are how much harm you sustained as a result of medical negligence. This doesn’t mean harm itself as your medical professional could have inflicted harm on you but not acting negligently. 

The other factor is the damage as a result of the negligent harm. To explain further, if you had to miss work due to the negligent harm, you could receive money for missing income.

Aaron Edwards in Florida.

A typical case of a high paying medical negligence case can be found whenever brain damage is involved. Especially severe brain damage.

This happened to Aaron Edwards in Florida. His mother was administered various treatments for her childbirth. The adverse affects were that her child, Aaron, was denied oxygen. This caused severe brain damage, leading to cerebral palsy.

The total payment for this damage was £20.6m.

It seems like a substantial amount but we’re certain Aaron’s parents would trade every penny for Aaron’s health.

Milly Evans

Milly was just a child when her damages were inflicted on her. Her heart rate was not monitored properly. The damage was negligent as it could have been avoided. She lost the ability to to speak or use her limbs. Her total payment was £11m.

Joseph O’Reggio from Wolverhampton

Joseph is another example of a child dealt negligently. After his childbirth, Joseph was dealt with negligently leading to yet another example of brain damage and cerebral palsy. The payout was £6m.

If you want to read more about medical negligence examples, visit the linked page to see other scenarios you can expect in these examples.

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